Fall-Inspired Oatmeal

Fall-Inspired Oatmeal

Pumpkins are more than just a decoration during the Fall months! Don’t waste your Jack-O-Laterns, feed them to your chickens! Not only are they a healthy treat, they’re also a natural wormer. Consider your seasonal worming regimen complete after feeding your chickens pumpkin-based recipes, such as our Fall-Inspired Oatmeal this Fall.

Feeds 5-6 chickens.

1-2 cups of cooked Oatmeal (Old Fashioned Rolled Oats)
Fresh Pumpkin innards – As much as you want!
A pinch of garlic

We’ve also included a side of Calf Manna with this batch of Pumpkin Oatmeal, believed to help chickens “bulk up” in the winter, as it’s an excellent source of protein, and necessary amino acids. And as you’ll see with many of our recipes, we sneak Garlic in whenever we can, as it’s a natural pesticide! Warming, AND a preventative. Now we’re talking.


2 thoughts on “Fall-Inspired Oatmeal

    • All parts of the pumpkin as long as it is fresh – Seeds and all. Our girls usually pick around the seeds, but they’re safe to eat. We will be making them pumpkin soup soon so we will pulverize the innards and seeds into a puree :). I will post that recipe too!

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