A little bit about the girl & her menagerie…

Sweet girl, Precious. All grown up!

Sweet girl, Precious. All grown up!

We maintain a small, closed rabbitry & roost in Upstate NY. Our sweet, playful rabbits have been dotingly raised since Day 1, and we’ve dedicated their quality of life as our main objective. We’ve raised several BOB and BOS winners, striving to meet ARBA’s Show Quality Standards to the best of our ability. Our rabbits, however, are first and foremost part of our family – One of the reasons we’ve maintained such a select herd. We truly believe in quality NOT quantity, and to us, quality is not measured solely on how a rabbit performs on the show table. Personality and temperament are two of the most important traits to us – We are firm believers in providing our rabbits with a pristine, fiber-based diet, a plethora of cage space filled with rabbit-safe toys, and daily playtime/affection. In our experience, when rabbits are ‘loved on’ daily since birth, they reciprocate 10 fold.

With that being said, we’ve closed our doors indefinitely. We’ve reduced our herd down to several ‘forever bunnies’ who will never leave our rabbitry – The choice has been difficult, but our majority herd sell-out has enabled us to focus on a select few of our rabbits who have stolen our hearts over the years, offering them a permanent retirement home, as we will no longer be selling rabbits to the general public. It’s time to fully enjoy our rabbits for US, and offer them a spoiled life free of travel-stress, breeding, and showing. A personal choice, but a necessary one for many reasons.

As many of you already know, we’ve incorporated a few stunning Silkie Bantams (as well as a needy EE chick who CHOSE US)! Our (ever-so-tiny) flock will be spoiled backyard chickens. We have no plans to breed or show them, just enjoy their adorableness and fresh eggs! We’ll be sure to constantly update with photos – They grow up so fast!

Thank you for continuing to follow us through our ‘Haven‘ page!

All the best,
For the love of buns,
Jamie (Hoppy-Go-Lucky Haven)

Precious & I.

Precious & I.


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